Monday, March 1, 2010

Are Embryos JUST balls of cells???

Here is City Jen's response to one of the Embryo Adoption Yahoo Groups we follow:

Wow- what a busy couple of days of posts!!!

I personally believe that the two blasts that I was blessed with on 2-28-09 and had transferred on 5-21-09 were at the time of transfer and are now, as they sleep behind me, babies. They were never "balls of cells". If one or both of them would not have survived, I would have mourned the loss. If our donor parents decide to donate Sarah and Anna's remaining sibling embryos to science or let them thaw without a properly prepared womb to be transferred into, I will consider this murder.

Unfortunately, many disagree and the laws of today do not support my beliefs.

I believe this is why God has blessed my family with Sarah and Anna. Specifically to put a names and faces on what others believe are JUST "balls of cells".

I have promised God that I will do what I can to increase awareness regarding this and to help rescue as many babies out of the freezers as possible as I believe they ARE babies that are frozen in time.

This promise has led me to:
-co create this blog:
-respond as often as possible on embryo adoption/donation blogs and groups
-offer to be a speaker for any group about EA
-have this article written about our family:

-create our personal blog:

-work with my Infertility Specialist to create a not for profit program that will NOT take advantage of recipients of embryos financially

All of this will continue to take time and energy away from our 7 adopted blessings, and this is how important I feel it is to get the word out about Embryo Adoption and show others that our girls are living proof that embryos are more than "balls of cells", they are babies in need of a properly prepared womb to grow in.

Please visit either blog to see photos of my angels from Heaven!!!



  1. Very well said!!! We were just discussing a similar subject in my Sunday School class recently. One man, a scientist, said that from the moment of conception (sperm meeting egg) that the embryo has everything it needs to be a complete human, it just needs a host to help it grow. At conception there is already a unique DNA profile and is alive, not just cells.

  2. I think what you are doing is so wonderful, and I hope I can do my part to raise awareness for these frozen babies. I truly believe God led us to this path, and I know it is for a reason.

  3. Every single human being, your daughters, you, me - we all begin as 2 cells. Those cells divide daily and at 5 days, we're blastocysts - a ball of hundreds of cells.

    There is no heartbeat, no nervous system, no brain, no organs, no flesh, no blood. Just cells.

    Those cells have the potential to create human beings - but at the point where an embryo is transferred into a uterus they are in fact, just a ball of cells.