Monday, October 18, 2010

Questions for Giuliana and Bill Rancic???

Please submit your questions by Tuesday night
as I will forward them to the Rancic's on Wednesday morning!!!

I am looking forward to sharing their replies!!!


  1. Hello Rancic's!! Know our thoughts and prayers are with you!! We were just wondering, given your celebrity status, do you have any plans on going to congress to raise awareness about infertility? It is our frustration that the cost of infertility treatments are soo high and for most couples, not covered through insurance. So for the average family the cost of infertility may not be something that they can afford. What are your views on insurance companies covering infertility in ALL states? Thank you soo much!! ~ Faith 'n' Fertility (Logan Mynatt and Amy Schlichter)

  2. Hey Ladies! Just wondering how the interview went with the Rancics? Is there somewhere we can go to see the interview? Thanks a million!! :)