Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Anonymous Embryo Donation Program in CA with GUARANTEE!!!

This is the first I have read of a program with a guarantee of pregnancy with refund after 3 transfers if a pregnancy does not reach 12 weeks for $9,800!!! You can also choose the program without a guarantee for $6,800.

This price does NOT include required testing for the recipient couple or medications...

Please visit California Conceptions Donated Embryo Program for more details!!!

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  1. That actually seems quite expensive to me. One of my clinics gave me adopted embryos for free...I just had to pay for the cost of freezing for one year ($650) plus the cost of my transfer (about $2000 but paid for by insurance). I wound up changing my mind, but I've heard similar in other IVF clinics.

    I worry about clinics that are "making money" off of embryos when they were actually "donated" by people that "made them".