Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Country Jens Embryo Adoption Journey..

COUNTRY JEN'S Embryo Adoption Journey at a glance....

1990-DD born no complications

2002-Married DH & with my endo we went straight to RE & found zero sperm and adopted our 6 children

March 2009-decide to give TTC one last shot!

April 2009-DH testicular biposy

May 2009-DH azoospermia decide to move to Embryo Adoption

May 2009-discouraged & decided NOT to go with NEDC-can't get in til Feb 2010

May 2009-LMP start continuous BCP's

June 6, 2009-Signed up with Miracles Waiting

June 15, 2009-MATHCED! In just 9 days! With our 6 embies through MW GOD IS GOOD!

June 16, 2009-Phone consult with new RE

June 20, 2009-Donors consult with our RE

June 24, 2009-Saline ultarsound-GREAT UTERUS but 2 cysts on left ovary

July 7, 2009-started bi-weekly acupunctureJuly 16, 2009-LAST BCP!!!

July 17, 2009-Meds deliveredJuly 21, 2009-First U/S, blood work and delestrogen shot

July 28, 2009-2nd U/S looks perfect-9mm lining and trilamenar. POSSIBLE hydrosalpinx found. If hydrosalpinx-pregnancy decreases by 50%.

July 29, 2009-Up to .3 delestrogen injection.

August 4, 2009-U/S-hydrosalpinx increased in size

August 6, 2009-FET cycle cancelled until after surgery to remove left fallopian tube

August 10, 2009-surgery to remove "jacked up" fallopian tube.

September 6, 2009-AF ARRIVES!September 24-baseline u/s lab

September 25-last BCP

September 29 & October 2-.2 delestrogen

October 5-u/s lab 8mm lining estrogen 392

October 6 & 9- .25 delestrogenOctober 12-u/s lab 9.2mm lining progesterone 0.2

October 16-repeat u/s 12mm lining progesterone 0.4

Oct0ber 13 & 16-delestrogen

October 17- add 1 cc progesterone injection, docycycline, medrol, baby aspirin

October 18-2cc progesterone for the duration

OCTOBER 22, 2009-FET of 1 5AAA hatching blast and 1 4AAA expanded blast.

OCTOBER 27, 2009-first beta 14! I'm PREGNANT! EDD- July 10, 2010

November 2nd-2nd BETA 196!

November 4th-3rd BETA 331!

November 6th-4th BETA 920!!

November 16th-1st ultrasound-1 PERFECT HEART BEAT Seen & HEARD!

Total Cost $3,800

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  1. This is great, Jen's! Hope to send many your way! God's richest blessings to ALL of you!