Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY Fertility Center-Embryo Donation Program


Please CLICK HERE & go to their website as their clinic has NEW EMBRYO DONOR PROFILES available to look at!

The following is quoted from CNY Fertility Centers web page-

"We are happy to announce that we now have new Embryo Donor Profiles available to view. You will need a password to view the details of the male and/or female profiles, although basic information is viewable without the password.

To obtain the password, please call the Syracuse Office at this toll free number 800.539.9870or send an email to Patricia Breh at"

We hope this helps someone out!

CLICK HERE for clinics that offer embryo donation!

1 comment:

  1. What an amazing story!

    Infertility is such a hard journey, it has it's up and it's's a path that God only trust with certain people...

    My husband and I have also been TTC (4 years next month), infertility is a huge part of our lives, it does not define us, but it's def. changed us for the better!