Monday, March 14, 2011

So Many Blessings Thanks To Embryo Adoption

The past two years, two months, and two weeks have brought so many blessings to City Jen's life... the most amazing and wonderful blessings are, of course Sarah and Anna, whom we adopted as embryos... They are so much fun and absolutely amazing... We can hardly believe they are our precious princesses... absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way... We love to watch their different personalities continue to develop as do their different physical features...

We are coming up on the two year anniversary of yet another amazing and life altering miracle... Country Jen and City Jen communicate for the first time thanks to the internet... Country Jen commented on City Jen's blog and the rest is history... Little did we realize, both families would be blessed with 7 children each through adoption... nor did we realize our Embryo Adoption Journeys would start so differently, yet end so similarly...

We know that God brought us- 2 Jens- together first- to provide support and comfort to each other... And now- after our husbands and 14 children have spent time together- it is obvious He brought the 18 of us together for fun, support, and comfort...

Just thinking about Pat, City Jen's husband, holding Baby Bakers- Country Jen's baby adopted as an embryo, then watching Country Jen's Husband holding City Jen's baby adopted as an embryo brings tears to City Jen's eyes... The entire scene was absolutely amazing to witness... Two couples blessed with 14 children not genetically related to their adoptive parents... the love in the room was overflowing... the stories were awe inspiring... Life is GREAT....

God is GREAT!!!


  1. They are so so cute.

  2. Hi , Im new to this road and would love some advise , I have been reading so much and I still have so much confusion.

  3. We are here to help and support you... please let us know of any specific questions and we will be happy to try and answer them!!!

    Embryo adoption is such a blessing!!!

    Best of luck!!!

  4. I always smile whenever I see pictures of all of the kids. It's just lovely! Have you heard of any clinics who don't have a wait list? or a long wait list? I've been going through the list on the link you posted to clinics all over the country, but I've been hitting many walls on getting information/costs or if they have an in-house donations. Email me if you have a chance jenniper at hotmail dot com