Monday, December 10, 2012

Awesome Embryo Adoption Video and Fundraiser

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One of City Jen's FAVORITE Embryo Adoption Blogs is:

This family of 7 is absolutely amazing and as their blog title states... 
their hearts and home has Room For More... Kids!!!!

Their youngest, Sarah, was adopted as an embryo after being frozen 12 years!!!  

Currently, they are fundraising to adopt more embryos...

Shannon, the VERY Blessed Mom of this amazing bunch shared the following on her blog...

Well, a couple of months ago, our teenaged boys and their friends from church decided they wanted to produce a video as a gift to their family & to their future adopted brothers and sisters. They spent weeks planning and many hours filming, editing, composing, recording, eating not so healthy munchies, editing some more, and though they did not procrastinate, worked on the project until just hours before the deadline. Always smiling, even through sagging eyelids, these young men came with their Christmas offering.

We pray that you are blessed by their efforts. We hope you will take 5 minutes to open & see their gift.

Click HERE to go to Give1Save1-Domestic 
I chose to click and am I glad I did!!! 
 I hope you will do the same and share this with your friends as well!!!